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Smart Trade Show Displays: the 5 elements of Retractable Banners

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 23, 2014 5:40:00 AM

Reaching a lot of buyers in a short time is always a good idea. Trade ShowsTrade Show Display are one of the few ways to do this. Trade Show Displays tell these visitors what you have to offer. There are a range of ways to show what you sell: Backdrops, Booths, Table Throws, Posters, Hanging signs, Podiums, Video, demonstrations, and retractable banners. Focusing on the retractable banner is one smart Trade Show Display, Why?
  1. Retractable banners offer a lot of space. Having a large area to picture
    your product or service catches the eye. But they are small too. These roll up for transport and expand to make a large trade show display. The smallest are 12 inches and the largest are 4 feet in width. The 30 inch and the 36 inch wide retractable banners are the most c
    ommon and these booth go up about 6 feet. Two or three of these provides enough space to fill a 10 foot area, but easily can be slung over a shoulder or thrown in a truck. Retractable banners also can be used on top on tables as a backdrop or on machines as a description. These make great trade show displays and are one of the items every exhibitor should have
  2. Trade Show Displays should attract more than inform. The goal is to engage the attendee. If they ask a question, they start an exchange leading to a qualified lead. While most companies are not interested in just any lead, the picture and text should attract the qualified buyer and not just anybody.                                                                                                                                                                                                
  3. Retractable BannersUnderstanding the crowd. The attendees fear being hard sold. They hang back and look at your booth from the hallways. They approach when the trade show display is interesting and they want to know more. These trade show displays should be visible from the isles. That means they need to be large and bold.
  4. Location Location location. Just as in real-estate where you place a trade show booth element matters – It matters a lot. A common mistake is to place these in the back of the booth and setup a table in front where allTrade Show Display the staff sits. This depresses leads – Place your products in the front of the booth and the retractable banners to each side. Put the staff behind. In this way the attendees see the photos, text and products. When they approach – ask them their name and engage them with open ended questions, then you can move them to the back of the booth and qualify them as a lead.
  5. Mix and match. Retractable banners can not be the only trade show display you use, but they are versatile.  They are the introduction to specific products and services. As such, using these next to a product, or to attract people to a service in ideal.  They are light weight, but large – so they attract and are very easy to place
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