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Trade Show Displays - 5 Tips to be receive more leads

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 25, 2014 8:15:00 AM

Here are 5 tips to optimize your trade show displays to bring in more people, qualifyAttendees looking at trade Show Displays more leads and land more customers. You know that purchasing space in a trade show is expensive. Trade Shows can bring in a lot of people in a short time. This is a great thing. However traveling there is expensive, the booth space is pricey and the hotels, meals and other support costs are huge. Ad into this, the work that does not get done when you and your staff is not in the office – and you have a very expensive event. You need to get the most out of each trade show display.  

Real Information is Hard To Get – The trade show management often has a disincentive to tell you the best way to get a return…What?... Giving you a great booth location means not giving it to somebodyelse. Who gets these?  The largest and longest attending companies. Lighted Trade Show Display There is no good reason for the sales people to tell you the space you are getting is not the best – so they don’t.

Real data takes a process to measure it. That means it is more scientific approach- this is probably not what the “people person” that is your sales staff is good at. It would help to cut through the sales folk’s explainations and excusses and really look at the data and analysize this. It is the only way to really “know” what it takes.

The data exists in tracking the attendees. Using the lead data is one thing, but using cameras and watching the attendees carefully is anothere.  What if you could watch how the attendee sees your trade show displays? Watch them choose directions, watch them look from the isles, see how they avoid and then approach your booth, who they talk to and who they avoid. Then how long they talk and what they talk about. This would allow you to pick the best available booth spots, place trade show displays better, script the sales pitch more effectively. It could even drive how the sales people dress!

This has been done for you!  You can download a white paper that outlines all these thing. You can learn from a long term study. Why not?  You can pick this up through the school of hard knocks or get the information from others who paid dearly for itTrade Show Display Layout

1. Booth Placement. Understand traffic patterns, how people flow through convention center. This lets you know where the attendees will actually be. If you are in the main traffic flow and pick up one in ten attendees – but 10 times more people pass your booth – you will be 10 times more successful!! Clearly a dead area (near the back corner, facing the wrong way) is a loser. Learn how to view a floor plan and make the best possible choice.

2. Place Trade Show Displays more effectively.  When your booth is in the best posible location, you have the most traffic you can. Optimizing the trade Show Displays is the next step. Pulling a few more attendees into the “qualified lead” category, than you can turn more leads into paying customers. What if you could optimize the existing Trade Show Displays to acomplish that exact improvement?  Learn how with this paper

3. People notice movement, noise and bold colors. Watching people quickly leads to a basic conclusion: People don’t notice flat, colorless, quiet trade show booths.  The oposite is true as well: Bright colors, movement and noise attract attention. Learn how to create the correct type and amounts of these ingrediatance brings in more and better leadstrade Show Displays

4. Words, fonts and contrast. Are your text messages correct? Are they the right size, font and contrast pulling in people?  Are there people that are wondering what you do?  Or even missing you entirely even though you would be a great supplier for them? Learn how to make your message “stick”

5. Often less is more. Don’t try to be everything to everybody. Having large bold messages, but fewer words and less detail often results in people asking questions.  These questions allow you to qualify and develop a lead – understanding where you can add value.

Want to know these tips?  


Download Top techniques for Working Trade Show Booths


Download 5 Top Tips to Pick Trade  Show Booths Space

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