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Trade Show Displays: Example Table Throws

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 27, 2014 3:48:00 AM

What is a table throw? It is a custom table. It has your message on the face. On all trade shows, renting a table is a normal thing. Turning a rented table into a Trade Show Display is easy. It is small, It fits in a brief case.Trade Show Display - Table Throw


There are 2 different options here you can go with. The first is the 13 oz "scrim" or banner material. Vinyl table covers covered completely on 3 sides and a 4-6 in lip on the back side. The benefits to going this rout is they are not going to stain and your guys can wipe them off with water and they will come clean. The downside of this is the material is hard to fold and can wrinkle, The wrinkles will come out but it can take a little while.


The second option would be a fabric material called table throw. It would be made the same way as the 13 oz but it will be a fabric. The benefit of the table throw material is it fold easily for small storage, it can be machine washed and does not wrinkle as easily, it is also snag resistant. The down side of the table throw is it will get dirtier easier and it is more expensive but this is the one I would go with. It is much easier to work with because it is not stiff like the 13 oz. (one thing we can do if you like this option better would be to print the overall throw a darker color, black maybe, so it does not show dirt as easily as it would were it white)Table Throw, Table Cloth


We can fabricate either of these and hope this information helps make an educated decision. 


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