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Insurance Agent/Broker's Opportunity - Obama care

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 4, 2013 1:15:00 AM

Do you need Obama Care enrollment signs?  San Diego North County insurance businesses have an unprecedented opportunity – right now!! Several large insurers are onboard with the Affordable Care Act, others are writing insurance outside the government programs. Can you help small businesses and individuals are looking for replacement insurance? Your competitors are already getting emails and calls. Advertising with a great sign lets people know you can help!

Obama Care Tail Gate and Door Magnetic Sign
Visibility is the key.  As an insurance broker, you know that getting your name in front of people at the correct point in time is key. People are getting cancelation notices. Those that are not fear they might.  Group policy holders have no agent. Where are they to turn? Telling them you deal with the Affordable Care Act with a sign is an easy and smart move. How?  Here are several ways:

Car door magnets:  Door magnets are about $100. They can be put on and taken off. It is a great way to tell people you are knowledgeable and available as you drive through Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and San Marcos

They are a snap to place on your door, easy to remove and door magnets work. Signs for San Diego does a lot of magnetic door signs for cars, trucks and vans. We have the materials in stock to make them. Want to make your phone ring, increase web site hits and take to people about all their insurance needs – get a set of magnetic door signs!

Obama Care Door Sign
Magnetic signs have maximum flexibility Magnetic Signs can be used on all your vehicles. Using the car on a sales call? Put the magnets on, switching to the SUV for the weekend, just move the magnetic door signs with you.  Using a rental car? Just switch use the magnet signs there. You want to go to La Costa Spa and don’t want the advertisement on your car? Just take it off.

Hints for maximizing effectiveness

 1.    Replace existing Door Sign!! If you already have a magnetic door sign, now is the time to replace it!  They are inexpensive and a new sign communicates a new look. You can change your marketing and sales focus for a few weeks and experience an increase in clients.

2.    Wash your car!! Clean cars convey quality, and are more desirable. Don’t undermine your efforts by forgetting to wash the car. Put your best foot forward – match your new magnetic door sign with your shining car.

3.    Drive respectfully. The door sign will attract attention and you want that to result in the correct impression. If you normally 15 over the limit or you steal that parking spot – you may defeat your purpose. Park strategically where every passer by can see your magnetic door sign.  Drive in a way that people have time to read your sign and relate it to their own problems.

4.    Simple and straight forward. Your goal is to make the phone ring, not to explain product features. The reader has somewhere between a second to 5 seconds to read and understand. All you need or want is a name, the name Obama Care and your phone number.

Opportunities like this happen quickly.  They are there and they are gone. Knowing there is an opportunity and actually taking the initiative are two very different things. You can capitalize on this brief window of opportunity if you use the advantages of magnetic door signs. They are inexpensive and quick, simple and effective. Magnetic door signs make your phone ring, increasing your walk in traffic and increase your customer base.

We can help make this happen for you today, give us a call – Signs for San Diego!! 760-730-5118



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