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What Can Lobby Signs Do For Your Oceanside, Vista or Carlsbad Business?

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 12, 2014 4:07:00 AM

Lobby signs are often the defining mark of a business. These signs are the first sign a person sees when they visit. They may be in the lobby for a few seconds or a half hour. The eye is naturally drawn to the center of the room and that is where the lobby sign is.

95 percent of people remember the look and feel of the lobby sign. Business owners know making the right impression in the lobby colors the conversations and transactions that follow. Companies with a sense of expertise and professionalism build confidence in the purchasers mind. Customers are coming to your business want their problems solved. They want to turn over their challenges to an expert that will treat them professionally and fairly. Setting this impression is a key factor in making the sale.

Here are several examples of companies that achieve this goal. A civil engineeringLobby Sign company takes a piece of property – normally a parcel or lot, designs the underlying engineering to support a building, channel water, assess the soil structure or other characteristics before building the development. These projects are $500,000 to several million dollars. The customers for civil engineering companies are placing a tremendous amount of trust and faith in the end product. Here is a sign that conveys a solid, educated and skilled professionalism. Surely this company is a company you can trust with your investment.

How is this impression made?  The sign is in brushed Aluminum letters. The letters are allBold letters in a lobby sign capitals. The font is basic, with no complex curves or wasted embellishment. The result is the look and feel of a solid, well engineered sign. It wastes nothing on fancy curves or other devices. The use of capital letters is much stronger than a mix between Capital and lower case, the metallic look is strong and stable, if they have polished the letters it would have given a fancier look, but this company is not fancy – it is stable, solid, professional, and expert – brush Aluminum says this. The sign is the image they want to portray.

Looking at a second example. Here is an Law firm. Law firms are responsible forLobby Sign representing you when you are in legal difficult or making sure your position is legal, and clever. Using this firm is to hire a very serious professional service that is for you. They want an image of solidity, stability, professionalism and trust. Trust may be the most important characteristic they want to portray.

How does this lobby sign accomplish this? The sign has brushed Aluminum letters, the they are …again all capitals with no complex curves or wasted embellishment. This produces the same result : a solid, well respected, non- nonsense impression.  There are also 2 lines, the top has GG for Garcia & Gurney, right in the middle and the bottom line? Garcia & Gurney. Garcia & Gurney is a little softer using lower case letters, in black. Black is a very formal color, very serious, but the lower case letters soften up the image. Basically this firm is approachable, but professional and serious – that is the “bottom line”

Want to know how to create your lobby sign make the correct impression?  Want to bias the tone of the room to your advantage? The lobby sign can achieve this when your customers visit you. The lobby sign is the center of the room and the central impression in that room.

With 19 out of 20 people remembering the look and feel of the lobby sign, just before they meet with your company to discuss your products and services – shouldn’t you have the sign that sets the stage for that meeting?

Give us a call and we can help make a lobby sign into a business asset working for you!

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