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3 types of A-Frames for your side walk signs by signs for san diego

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM

A-frames are also called Sidewalk Signs, Sandwich boards, lean-tos and message boards. These are a great way to run an open house, a sale, redirect traffic for a meeting, sell your excess stock, You can put your lose leader on the side walk, in the parking lot, on the edge of a road way or anywhere they can be seen.

As quick as they go up, they can be taken down, This makes these A-frames idea for events and specials. Also, if you are slow – put up the sign and take it down when you are busy to drive traffic into slack periods!

A-Frames are generally of 3 types:

Blow molded A-Frames are nearly indestructible. Cars hit them, they get dragged across asphalt, dropped, rained on, splashed, and abused, but these keep going. They are built heavy, don’t blow away, fall down or move


Wire and frame A-Frames, Particularly the wire A-Frames are common in Real Estate, These take less space than the Blow molded A-frames, the frames can be drive in the ground,


Metal frame A-Frames.  These are the Cadillac of A-Frames.  Common in New York Restaurants to show menus, they are a lot more functional.  They are big, bold and can be locked inside when your business is closed.


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