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4 things you must to know about Etched glass and Frosted Vinyl windows

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 23, 2015 9:29:00 AM

Express Professional Employment has an open floor plan in their Carlsbad offices. The Lobby, conference room and the office spaces are partitioned with glass walls, doors, windows and panels. It is a strikingly modern and clean look. It also offers little wall space for hanging a lobby sign or pictures and offers little privacy. Express_Frosted_Vinyl

Frosted glass was the way to have a Aesthetically remarkable look and keep that light and open feel. Transforming a glass wall into etched glass or texturized glass changes the space in an astonishing way. Etched vinyl allow you to control the privacy and the impact of the space. Signs for San Diego can computer cut and layer frosted vinyl to create exciting, dramatic effects.

How can you transform a non-descript Conference Room into a unique branded space, Have a lobby sign over a glass wall? Add names and titles on glass doors or just gain the privacy you need?

1. First measure and photograph the glass. Sketch the layout and write the inch measurement of the glass, not the door or frame to frame, but the glass. Pictures are used to super impose a mock up of the frosted glass or etched glass over the photo. Take the photo straight on and flat to remove aspect angles. Signs for San Diego will send a site surveyor if you would feel more comfortable having us do the site survey.
2. We use your drawing and pictures to create a digital mockup of how your etched glass will look. Include logos, designs, lettering and shapes on the frosted glass. We email you a picture so you see exactly what it will look like. Want changes – no worries, we can do this until it is perfectfrosted_door_lo_rez
3. We can rearrange the frosted glass elements until you have what you really want. Then will take large rolls of this unique vinyl and digitally cut it to your exact specifications within the pattern and a little more around the edges.
4. Our experienced installers then mount the etched vinyl material on your glass. We make it slightly larger than your measurements so any small “out of square” or slight mis measurements are no problem. We trim the edges to the exact size.

Bring an elegant and professional look to your open spaces with these simple 4 steps. Etched glass provide privacy, light diffusion and custom design elements into your business. Frosted vinyl window applications give you that etched glass or frosted vinyl look and comes in a range of textures, colors and finishes.

Interested in finding out how frosted vinyl can help your business??

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