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5 Great Reasons To Get Vista Monument Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | May 4, 2015 9:33:00 AM

Companies in industrial parks and campuses need to attract customers that match their strengths, sell to them and grow.  Image is extremely important. Conveying success to that visiting customer helps make the sale. It starts with monument signs.Why?VTG_Monument_Signs

1. The frequency customers see your name is directly related to the number of times they see your name. Advertising effectiveness is based on it. A Monument sign is seen every time the future customer passes by. On a busy street that is thousands of times. Gradually name recognition and acceptance increases. When they want your product they remember you from that Monument Sign.

2. Monument signs become landmarks. Every street has a name, but I will bet you can not remember many of those names. Directions are always given with landmarks. Let your monument sign become a land mark. When people give directions and mention your Vista Monument Signs or Oceanside Monument Signs they are talking about you.

3. Carlsbad Monument Signs, San Marcos Monument Signs and all Monument Signs target local travelers. Most businesses depend on local customer. A Monument sign is targeting the exact people you want.

4. Monument signs are not cheap, but over time they are extremely cost effective. Google ads, Trade Magazines, Radio and TV advertisements charge every period (a day, a month) and never stop. Once paid for the monument sign keeps advertising, day and night, 365 days a year with no incremental cost.

5. Monument Signs are Wayfinding Signs. GPS will bring visitors within 100 yards, but that last 100 yards depends on the monument sign.  It takes them to the parking lot and points them to the lobby. No Monument sign?  It wastes time, confuses and lowers the customer’s satisfaction.

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