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5 Retail Sign Seduction tools you need.

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 27, 2015 7:36:00 PM

The science of attraction works in mysterious ways. While we think we know why customers like or do not like our products, there are a number of forces at work. Often having the best price, best quality, the best packaging is not enough. The factors that go into who customers choose to buy from, include knowing where your are, who you are, your name, style and logo. In the beginning, this may be all you have. When it comes attraction, we often can't pinpoint exactly what brings them in for a look, but signs: On your building, your enterance and your door work as a team to get you that first look.  Going from attracting a stranger to marrage starts with recognition. It is true, a business with no sign is a sign of no business.Channel Letters 

Channel Letters  - Channel letters are to retail sales like a worm to a hook. None of your customers can buy from you if they can not find you. The channel letter set brings them in the door. Without a channel letter set your store will be lonely. All your competitors have a channel letter set, all your neighbors do to.  You need this type of sign for retail businesses.


Monument Signs and faces – there is a lighted cabinet near the entrance. This attracts motorists and marks the mall location where they can find you. It works 24, 7, 365 days a year. The customer you want will notice, day after day until the day they need your product – then they will know exactly where you are. If you have access to this sign opportunity – take it. 

Letters on glass – Advertising your name, hours and phone number on your front door and windows is smart. Very smart. The glass is the highest visibility areas you have. You need the letterers, numbers and logo, but not the substrate – that mays it a great value. It gives you the biggest bang for the buck.

Blade Sign - A Blade sign or Under Canopy Sign uses a ceiling or a wall. Ideal when space is at a premium and have a blade sign in front of your front door. This is a great choice for busy malls, restaurants, retail space, hospitals, schools and anywhere space is tight.Blade Sign


Banners Coming soon, Grand opening, Now hiring, Sales, Specials all are easy to communicate with a banner. Major retailers use these, you should too. These are inexpensive ways to bring business in, start early, and highlight your business.


Who customers are attracted to is still an art, but getting the basics in place quickly and boldly is of key importance. While there is something of a science to building your signs, at the end of the day you need an expert. Signs for San Diego takes your strengths, character and situation combined with high standards to get you’re the signage tools you need . You can see many of these in the Signs for San Diego shop. 


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