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5 Steps to Monument Sign Health

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 2, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Ocean Air Apartments suffered from an act of vandalism. Somebody pried off their metal shaped letters from their monument sign. These are not just any letters, these were hand crafted works of art. Where did the letters go? Nobody knows. Maybe their letters are a part of a man cave, or a frat house wall. Maybe any number of other places.Monument_Ocean_Air_Before_A.jpg

Signs for San Diego reproduced these letters from sheet metal to final form. They are now installed and now much harder toe pry off too.

Need work on a Monument sign? That is what we do. We help monument signs in 5 areas:

New faces: Any Monument sign can benefit from a face lift. We replace a lot of vinyl on Acrylic. These are in shopping malls, strip malls and business parks. We take the old faces out and decide on the Acrylic. If the in in good shape we often strip off the old vinyl, clean it up and reapply your name and logo. You have a new look at an affordable cost.

Just moved in and need your name on the Monument – We do that?Monument_Ocean_Air_After_2.jpg

Been here for years, and the sign needs a new face? – We do that?


New Florescent Lamps and LED Conversions

Fluorescent lamps burn out. Normally a monument sign has between 3 and 12 lamps. Once one lamp goes out, it is best to replace them all. When the maintenance and electric costs are considered, it is often best to replace with LEDs. LEDs cost more initially, but save money from the install on.

New Wiring and power supplies

Occasionally we run across a Monument sign that has major wiring and power supply issues. This is common when the electric area is not weatherproof. Often another maintenance effort failed years before, or there is damage. We can strip everything out and replace it all.

New Paint

If your Monument Sign is structurally good, but ugly, we can strip the finish off and refinish it. We see this a lot with older Monuments that Signs that have been repainted many times.

Missing Parts

If you hired “monkeys” last time, you are missing parts this time. We replace and remake parts for many monument signs with our in-house metal working shop. We replace bad fasteners too!

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