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6 Steps in getting Exterior Building Signs Vista CA – VTG (Architectural Signs)

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 8, 2015 10:03:00 AM

VTG Exterior Building Sign

VTG’s Exterior Building Sign in Vista CA, is complete. It now sits proudly on their headquarters in Vista. Architectural Signage is an investment in your company.

What are the steps in putting up a sign like this?  These are the 6 requirements:

Design - Design is more than just what you want, even though what you want is the first step. There are constraints you should be aware of right up front: the “Sign Criteria” are rules you agreed to when you signed the lease. Look at the back of your least to find these. You need the property manager or building owner sign off – start talking with them, local ordinances have specific limitations as well. Your design needs to comply with all these rules, then it is a unique design within these limitations. Designs are something you will live with for years – it takes time to get this right.


The Sign policy. Sign policies or Sign Criteria are guidelines produced by the building or complex owner. They are reviewed and kept in the city planning department. These are tighter than the sign ordinance. They (In theory) insure uniformity within the building’s architectural signage. The assumption is you meet the Sign Criteria requirements and have property manager approval – you will get approval, but sometimes not.


VTG Exterior Building Sign routed

Property Manager Approval or owner’s approval are considered the same thing for perm

its. If you just signed a lease, one would think the property management company will be helpful in getting you up, running and making money, but often this is not the case. Different property managers have different styles from extremely helpful and knowledgeable to obstinate and difficult. Often delays occur for Insurance disclosures, style and color differences of opinion and sometimes approvals are just slow because they do not feel the sense of urgency. You can be very helpful with these and push.


City Approval. There are 2 departments is most sign permits: the Planning department and the Building department. “Planning” pulls the sign ordinance and the sign criteria, looks at existing signs, areas and compares everything to insure compliance. “Building” checks the attachment methods, wiring, and other physical aspects of the sign against their construction preferences. Sometimes personal opinions and requirements beyond these occur. They shouldn’t, but they do. Some cities are fast, others are excruciatingly slow. Prices are all over the map.

The sign construction – For VTG we used our in-house routing abilities and painting abilities. We also provide channel letters, lighted cabinets, Wood, Aluminum and PVC signs. Your situation drives the construction details.

Installation – We have our own crew for Exterior Building Sign Installation. We prefer good weather with dry surfaces and odd times when there is no traffic.Exterior Building Sign Installation

These are the 6 steps you need to do for every Exterior Building Sign. Need am Exterior Building Sign? Contact us and lets get going!!

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