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6 Steps Pet Cuts made to get a great Exterior Building Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Sep 21, 2015 7:54:48 AM

Pet Cut’s does dog dos, Pet perms, and Cat Cuts. Signs for San Diego does Exterior Building Sign in San Marcos, CA. The Pet Cuts sign now proudly marks the spot for cut central in San Marcos. Architectural Signage is a business tool and investment in your company. haircuts are like exterior building signs

What steps can you take to put up a sign like this?  There are the 6 requirements:

Design - Design is the area where you can get more for your money. The design often takes longer than any other step. It is where the character of your company shins through. For Pet Cuts, they wanted something cutie and fun – like the pets they are servicing, looking’ good is important. Also, there is a

“Sign Criteria” or policy from the landlord. These normally can be found as an addendum to the lease, or the last few paragraphs of the lease. These are the rules you need to design within.

The Sign policy. Sign policies or Sign Criteria will tell you the height, construction colors, and mounting.  These are the “mechanicals” and engineering part of the sign. Light weight signs can often be mounted with silicon, heavier signs are mounting with studs. Electrical signs are often mounted with concrete screws. Once the details are set, the next step is the signature.PetCuts exterior building signs

Property Manager Approval or owner’s approval are the same for permits. The person who signed the lease has the power to sign the permit application. One might think your property manager might be a big advocate. Often this is not the case. Property managers are extremely risk adverse. It is a great idea to get the sign approved at the same time the lease is signed.  An unsigned lease is a great bargaining chip. After the lease is signed, it can be difficult to get that signature.

City Approval. There are 2 departments is most sign permits: the Planning department and the Building department. “Planning” pulls the sign ordinance and the sign criteria, looks at existing signs, areas and compares everything to insure compliance. “Building” checks the attachment methods, wiring, and other physical aspects of the sign against their construction preferences. Sometimes personal opinions and requirements beyond these occur. They shouldn’t, but they do. Some cities are fast, others are excruciatingly slow. Prices are all over the map.

The sign construction – For Pet Cuts we used our in-house routing abilities and painting abilities. We also provide channel letters, lighted cabinets, Wood, Aluminum and PVC signs. Your situation drives the construction details.PetCuts exterior building signs

Installation – We have our own crew for Exterior Building Sign Installation. We prefer good weather with dry surfaces and odd times when there is no traffic.

These are the 6 steps you need to do for every Exterior Building Sign. Need am Exterior Building Sign? Contact us and lets get going!!

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