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8 Secret tips for channel letters buyers

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 16, 2015 6:57:00 AM

Signs for San Diego finished another channel letter set for Sushi4Reel last week.

Retail and strip malls expect you to install channel letters. Do you the details on how to buy Channel Letters? channel letter oceanside ca

Every retail business in every strip mall uses channel letters to bring customers in. They are very effective. If you don’t have a channel letter sign you are at a huge disadvantage. Here are a number of tips to help you get the most out of your purchase:

Front lite channel letter are about 85% of the total. These have a light source in an aluminum “can” and an Acrylic translucent faces where the light outs out.

Tip #1 White is the brightest, White has the most impact. If white is an option, it may be the best choice. Red and blue are also very letter oceanside ca

Tip # 2, Ask for blue or red translucent acrylic instead of white with colored vinyl. It is a little brighter and last longer.

Tip #3 When using colored vinyl you can still enhance the brightness with a white boarder around the colored letter At night this letter will have a white outline around the colored letter – It has more impact.

Tip #4 The logo box. Almost all signs are letters, numbers or rectangular boxes. You can get a little more creative with a logo box. A logo box can be shaped for your logo. A logo box is the same construction, but create interest.

Tip #5 Change trim cap colors. The trim around the channel letter face is overlooked. You can request other colors. Pick a contrasting color. If your returns are black, pick a lite color, if your returns are white pick a dark color.  The contrast helps create impact.

 Tip #6 Use Daylight Black, Night White. This is a perforated black vinyl. In the day you can see black but this is perforate – that is it has holes though it and at night the light shines through as white.

Tip #7 Always use LEDs, In the past all channel letter signs were neon. Neon cost about 8 times more to run, it is harder to repair and maintain. Use LEDs

Back Lit Channel Letters

These let light out the back. This lights the wall behind each letter and creates a Halo effect. These letters are used for law offices, upscale restaurants and other more elegant establishments.

Tip #7 The amount of light out the back depends of the height of the standoff. Shorter standoffs mean a tighter – more detailed look. Taller standoffs have more light area and floods the wall. Pick the option different from the others in the area.

Tip #8 LEDs come in colors, Normally white but you may be able to stand out with a different color. Red is one possibility.

Signs for san Diego is a licensed electrical contractor. We use our on staff and personally do all our own work. Many sign companies will subcontract this out, we don’t. We also can pull the correct permits and manage these projects to completion. We also maintain electrical signs of all types though their life.

At Signs for San Diego offers local electric signs, do installations and service. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Signs for San Diego has technicians that are friendly, fast and efficient. Need sign repair? We can help. To schedule an assessment or maintenance please call us at 760-730-5118

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