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A maintenance agreement for signs.

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 1, 2018 10:00:00 AM

A maintenance agreement is a no-hassle way to protect your company’s investment in signs.

Signs are a business tool no different that your computer server, you vehicle fleet or your website. Poorly maintained signage also reflects poorly on your company.check.jpg

Having a different PO for every small maintenance issue is also a issue. Particularly for emergency service or for the check ups that prevent emergency service. Keeping your signage in optimal working condition is cheaper, easier and taxes your budget planning, time and effort less.

At Signs for San Diego we tailor the solution to your needs. This ranges from prepaid service calls that can be called in as needed. You can pay in blocks and bank service calls. If you have ever tried to get a PO signed over Christmas break you know this is a major advantages to have a service call “in the bank”. Signs for San Diego can also work in a flat monthly rate with no hidden extras.  You know the expense will occur, but when planned, budgeted and it does not become a random unwelcome interruption.

DSCN2380.jpgThe most common services and expenses are listed. This eliminates the risk and mystery of the service call. The list is tailored to you but includes neon, transformers, clocks, Lamps, ballasts, LEDs, power supplies and wiring. We also can send out service for preventive maintenance checks. We often fix signs without hearing from the company with the outage – we see it, fix it and move on.

You have enough on your mind without having to focus on signs. A maintenance contract frees you to do what you are expert at – your business. A Maintenance contract is a great proactive, no-hassle way to manage your expenses. Let the competitor look bad and scramble, just to spend more in the end. Keep your signs on and pulling in customers 24 X 7.

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