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Residential Communities advertises with Oceanside Monument Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 27, 2015 9:56:00 AM

There are only 2 types on Tenants: the ones you want and the ones you would rather not have. There are only places those tenants are:  They are in your property, or they are not. The first thing you need to do as a property manager is get the good tenants into your property and keep them there. Do this with Oceanside Monument Signs. Not in Oceanside, Vista Monument Signs, Carlsbad Monument Signs and even San Marcos Monument Signs work too!Oceanside Monument Sign

It is so simple, but very hard to do. In the case of La Costa Villas, it is a lovely place. People want to be there. However, their monument signs was not saying what the property management wanted. Signs for San Diego fixed this sign. Here is a photo of it today.

They did not like their monument sign. The residence were doing a community event. Monument Signs say a lot about a place and this one looked bad

We stripped off the old letters, cleaned it and repainted it then placed new letters. These new letters are plastic. They can be matched and replaced. So if a little resident manages to pry one off, the entire sign is not compromised – a replacement letter can be obtained. If the little tike manages to break a letter, send it back and get a free replacement.  Monument_Sign

Monument Signs pull in the right tenants. They help keep those right tenants in place. A good monument sign helps keep rents up, vacancy down and problems to a minimum. It set the tone of the place.

When a good future tenant needs to move, are attracting them to your property? People looking for a new place to live normally are in a life changing situation. They have a new job, are relocating, get married, getting divorced, a new family member is on the way. They make judgments based off on the condition of the property and the monument sign. If the monument sign is attractive, your phone rings. If it is not…. Well, maybe you need to call us?

Need to upgrade your Monument Sign, repair or replace it?  Give us a call at Signs for San Diego

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