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American Import Auto Group

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

American Import Auto Group had a sign, but it was the wrong sign. The physical sign existed, but it was for the former tenant. They needed a sign with their name and branding. They also did not have a lot of money.

They did most of the work. The owners are handy and they put together the aluminum background. They rebuilt the rotted out parts of the original sign. Basically they did the entire rehab except for 2 thingsExterior Building Sign American Import Auto group 2.jpg

The sign face is the face of your business. Signs for San Diego printed the new face. It was a design American Import Auto Group created. We just made their artwork come alive with our printing, laminating and installation technology. We came out and put their name onto their blank sign – It looks great.

We lifted it into place.

Along the way the sign came down and was reworked. The finished sign was one piece and heavy. Too heavy for a couple of guys to lift it up with ladders and reattach it. Signs for San Diego had the answer, we have a crane. We lifted it into place and held it there allowing it to be reattached to the frame it came off of. It took more than an hour to reattach. It would have been impossible to support that much weight for that long with ladders and macule.

In many cases older signs are re faceable. There is a tendency to want to salvage or redo an old sign. This is a possibility, but be careful. It takes a critical judgment to know if it is cheaper or if the labor involved in restoring a sign is more costly than a new one. If you price this out against a new sign, often the new sign is the cheaper and better option. In this case, the restored sign was the better choice.

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