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Brass and Bronze Plaques

Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 8, 2015 9:00:00 AM

When you need a plaque, you have some choices to make. Here are the 5 questions and answers you need to know before buying a plaque to last into the next millennium. Cast Bronze Plaques

Materials: The 2 most common materials are Brass and bronze.  In some cases glass is an alternative as well

- Brass is a copper and zinc alloy that melts at about 900C. Brass is commonly used for door knobs, plumbing, gars, and plaques. It is yellow – like gold

- Bronze is copper and Tin alloy (with trace additives of silicon and manganese) that melts at about 950C. This is a more durable choice and good for ships or seaside use. You see this material in ship fittings, props, bearings, sculptures and plaques. It is reddish.

Manufacturing techniques: The 3 common ways to make plaques areBronze Plaque

- Etched Plaques. The etching process lets us make the highest level of detail in the metal. It uses a photo mask that blocks the etching solution and leaves areas that are untouched and others are removed. The more time the etching solution stays on the metal, the deeper the removal. It is extremely precise. It is the best choice for very smaller letters and photos. Incredible “picture-perfect” precision is used in museum exhibits, front office identification, dedication and recognition plaques. They are durable and can be used outdoor

- Cast Plaques The metal is normally bronze. In some cases aluminum casting may be available. A sand mold is made with the text and graphics. The mold can also use wood or a polymer. Once the pattern is made, a fine sand/epoxy mixture is poured around and over the pattern. This is called the “investment”. It is packed down and the pattern is removed leaving the image of the pattern in the sand. Molten bronze is poured into the pattern, cooled and then the rough plaque is formed. This have a unique look, can have a sand texture, curves and require patterns that allow for the pour to flow.

 - Precision Machined Plaques We use a computer generated pattern with the letters and other features in 3D. Taking this pattern to a CNC router we translate this to a machine readable form. Starting with a blank metal sheet (1/4”, 5/16” thicknesses are common) we use a CNC router to cut away the parts not needed. This have a different look and feel compared to the etched or cast plaques.

Brass and Bronze Plaques are ideal for contractors, architects, landscape artists, and corporate clients. They use these in Churches, Synagogues, government buildings, schools, historic buildings, parks, universities, memorials and dedications. 

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