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Channel Letter Sign : Santee Family Medicine

Posted by Frank Murch | Sep 29, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Considering channel letters for your business? Most shopping malls require a Channel Letter sign. They are popular with business s that want a hi profile sign. Santee Family Medicine is located on the edge of a shopping center and near a pharmacy. It is convenient to the public, but not in the center of the mall experience. Close enough that the family can do some shopping or catch a meal while their loved one is seeing the doctor.Channel_Letters_Santee_Family_Medicine.jpg

Channel letters are aesthetically easy of the eyes. Easy look at channel letters are visible both night and day. These are LED illuminated and are energy efficient. Channel Letter sets are excellent choices for many businesses. Here are some details that help understand channel letters.

Channel Letter set are made out of individual letters. These are aluminum and shaped into the letter profile by bending and cutting. The light is “Channeled” by the sides of these letters. The channel is required for this and light can not bend. The letters are on the bold side and sharp turns, “serfs” and narrow areas are hard to do.

Letter depth was originally driven by the limitations of neon, and there are standards. 5” and 3” is common. It is possible to make other sizes, but sticking with the standards will probably save you money. Also, LEDs have become very flexible and 3: depth is probably the future.Santee_2.jpg

The face of the letter is Lexan or Acrylic. Acrylic is more common. It is translucent and colors are very possible. The colors can be in the Acrylic or a layer on top in vinyl. The edges are “trim cap”. This is an edge that is glued on and adds a small side step. This small transition lets us screw the face into the side.

LED lighting is the only common alternative today. In the past neon was used, but the transition is complete. Neon still exists in older channel letter sets, but only niche uses of neon still exist. Everything is normally LED today. The LEDs are 12V DC and are much much safer. The power is a normal 110V that you use for plugging in a toaster. There is a power source that converts 110V AC to 12V DC.

BENEFIT OF CHANNEL LETTER SETS. Channel Letter sets are bold, they can be seen at night and during the day. They run with very little energy and maintenance. They are a business tool that will serve you for many years. If you’re considering a Channel Letter set, Signs for San Diego can help.Signs for San Diego makes it easy

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