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Channel Letter : The Tax Place

Posted by Frank Murch | Sep 13, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Business owners in Shopping malls and Shopping Centers know what channel letters are. Channel letters are required in the lease, so what is a channel letter? Channel letters are illuminated signs. They are made up of a back, sides called returns, and faces made from translucent acrylic and trim.20160713_090616.jpg

Returns: the sides are called returns. They can be any depth, but 5 inches and 3 inches are very common. These come in rolls called coils. The strip rolls off the coil and is cut to length. Along the way a machine (automatically or by hand) bends the metal into the shape needed. When the start of the letter and the end meet, they are riveted.

Backs: the backs are the shape of the letter, these are joined to the returns with a notched flange. They are often clinched, but rivets and silicon are also used. The returns without the backs lacks the ability to hold its shape. There are normally small and large holes in the backs. The large holes are to run a pair of wire through, the small holes are for a fastener.

LEDs: The LEDs come in strings, about 3 per foot. These are double sided taped to the backs and then silicon is applied to the edges. The LEDs are 12 Volt DC. An LED is a diode and the positive and negative must be applied correctly to light.

The faces: The faces are normally acrylic. “Sign White” translucent 1/8 inch is most common, but Lexan and clear are sometimes used. Colored acrylics are also available. When the right color is not available a colored translucent vinyl is applied.

Trim Cap: Trim Cap is a part of the face, it is the lip that holds the face to the returns. Trim Cap comes in colors, and can match the returns, the face or be contrasting.

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