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Condo Association monument signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM

How do you know when you need a new Monument signs? La Miranda is an HOA that did not have a huge problem figuring this out. Many older communities have signage in bad shape. The recent winds took a lot of these older signs down. In this case the post was so rotted the wind blew it down.16062095001.jpg

Wood has major issues over time. It works best in dry open air environments. In residencial communities where sprinkler systems routinely add water and the plants and grass hold this water on the wood. The result is rot.

Signs for San Diego came out and dug the post holes, used Aluminum 4 X 4 posts and a Aluminum framework. This is not a post and panel sign, The sign panels are mounted outboard of the posts. This has a solid modern look. The entire structur is Aluminum, it can not rust. It is a better long term solution.

The look is modern, it is a solid look. With older communities, this modern look helps to update the property. It has a high end look and feel or a newer construction.

Monument Signs are Wayfinding Signs – If your monument fell down, ran away or is so bad, you need a replacement we can help. Improve your property with a monument sign. Simple, easy and a great additon.

Are you ready to take your monument sign to the next level? Give us a call 760-730-5118 or design@signsforsandiego.comContact us for a consultation

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