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Convert your Channel Letter set from Neon to LED

Posted by Frank Murch | May 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM

LED RETROFIT FOR ENERGY-EFFICIENT CHANNEL LETTERS. Having an older channel letter set pricy investment. These Channel Letters are in good shape but are obsolete because of the neon illumination. If the sides and faces looks good it is a good candidate candidate for a retrofit. On the other hand, if there is rust, the faces are bad and it is Neon, you are likely to find a new set will be cheaper. Here is the straight skinny on the advantages:Discount Tire.jpg

  • Sign maintenance costs will nearly stop. Neon is notorious for going out. Repairing and replacing neon is getting harder and harder. LEDs have a long life, and the power supplies last “forever” too. There is an infant mortality with LED. If your LED is going to go out or the power supply is going to go bad – it will happen upfront. Once the early failures stop, It is very common to see 5 years with near zero maintenance issues. Energy costs reduced by up to 85%. The cost of electric make a difference, but here is SoCal – It is expensive. Your utility company is helping to shorten the payoff time. Plan on LED lighting costing 1/7th .
  • LEDs are safer. These are 12VDC, a safe and low voltage. Neon breaks leaking toxic gasses and powder, it is never a great idea to have broken glass either.
  • The results are brighter. Not always but generally the sign looks brighter, attracts more attention and makes you more money. Often it is dramatic.

Should you retrofit from Neon to LEDs in your channel letter sign? This is really a question about payback and how long you will use the sign. If the sides (returns) are in bad shape, the faces (Acrylic) is in need of replacement, then it is likely better to buy new. However is the sign is basically good shape, or if getting a permit will be difficult then a retrofit is the answer. The energy and Maintenance costs savings are accumulative, so the payback is the cost to retrofit / the savings. A 5 year payback is common.

Want to get an estimate? Give us a call and lets figure it out. Signs for San Diego makes signs with LED lighting every day. We do a lot of retrofits for customers that are looking at a “repair or replace” decision. Give us a call and lets get going!

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