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Custom Exterior Building Sign in North County Pull in More Business

Posted by Frank Murch | May 21, 2015 10:54:00 AM

At Signs for San Diego we make Custom Exterior Building Signage. We have invested heavily in the equipment to produce better results for you! We have the best Engraver from Gravograph, wide format printer from HP, the top of the line Royal laminator, the Graphtec FC8600 plotter, we also have in-house routing capabilities along with our own bucket truck.  We do most work in-house and this means is we focus a lot of equipment combined with years of expertise and talent toward getting you the sign that attracts the most business.routing for Exterior Building Signs


Custom signs make the phone ring

We have in-house Routing ability to take a flat sheets of plastic, wood and metal and cut the letters, in the style and size you need.  We can produce the more interesting fonts and details to catch your customer’s eye. Want a sign to exactly fit a specific place? Want the largest sign allowable within the ordinance? Our in-house ability means we can get you that 13.578” letter when your competitor is stuck with a generic 12 inch letter. We make it to the exactly the right size, the exact right font, the exact details you need to get you that edge in your business. We have the ability and equipment to get you into a better sign and make that phone ring.


Digital PrintingDigital Printing for Exterior Building Signs

We have a wide format HP Latex jet printer. Excellent lively colors, the DPI (Dots per Inch) are beyond the ability of the human eye to see. You Exterior Building Sign will stand out with this technology,. It produces striking images that create a positive impression. You want the phone to ring and the hits on the web to go up – here is a little edge to gain that traffic. We do this up to 58 inches wide and 450 feet long in house.


Plotter cutterGraphtec Plotter for cut vinyl

We use the Graphtec FC8600. This is a machine to cut out any shape you need. Need your name on a front door? This is the machine that does it. Need a complex logo on an Exterior Building Sign – This may be the only tool for you. It also cuts the patterns for sand blasted signs so common in upper end service firms (CPAs, Law Offices and so much more) .  It is just one more way to make your company “POP” and gain business. The is a CNC machine with a very small knife to cut vinyl and plastic into logos and letters. It lets us make your Exterior Building Sign cheaper, faster and better.


LaminationLaminate used for Exterior Building Signs

Lamination is one of these operations you don’t notice right away. We use a Royal Sovereign laminator to put a very thin layer of “clear” on your sign.  It is clear, but the importance is that laminates protect your investment. The sun in San Diego can be brutal in San Diego. Particularly in South facing Exterior Building Signs. The Laminate provides a UV blocker and physical protection to extend the life of the sign. This protects your investment and gives you years of service. It is often said that a the cost of a sign gets cheaper every day it is used – there is a lot of truth in that. While there is an additional upfront cost – the benefits are extended through years.


Building Sign InstallationUsing a buck truck for exterior building signs

We have more ladders than your well equipped Fortune 500 maintenance department. We use them too, but we also use a very specialized piece of equipment called a bucket truck. The bucket truck puts an experienced professionals up to the site of the installation safely and allows them to really work on the sign and not worry about the ladder. It is a service we often help other sign companies with as well. It lift the installers high up poles and building walls to get you fast professional installs.


What Value does this bring to you?

At Signs for San Diego we make Custom Exterior Building Signs. Most of our competitors buy the signage and contract out the install. We do most work in-house. This means we have a lot more control over the quality and the timing. Because we fabricate and install ourselves, we produce a better sign at a more favorable cost. The best tools means the best results. Please let us show you, give us a call today and lets get started on making you more successful!!

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