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Posted by Frank Murch | Oct 27, 2015 10:59:00 AM

Finding a source of numbered or sequecial equipment tags is hard to do!

Companies with limited numbers of labels, say from 50 to 1000 don’t have the ability to absorb the setup costs. Printers are not interested because they know you will not be happy with the costs for these small volume runs. Traditional Label companies make thousands of labels and absorb the tooling costs over these large numbers. The way these are made does not lend itself to small runs. Set up time and cost is high. You could print them yourself on a printer, but they will not look professional. Also the home office solutions tend to fab and peal rather quickly. There is an economical high quality way, and I will bet you have not heard of it. Equipment Labels

A Sign company makes signs for outdoor use. These are laminated and durable. They are also odd sizes and shapes. The parts of the print stock that are not used are scraped. Those durable, laminated, outdoor use sections are perfect for short run label production. Signs (and your new labels, stickers or decals) use wide format digital printing technology. This means we can add a sequential number area, a unique name or other identifier in these decals, labels or stickers. This is ideal for equipment warranty tags, dated product labels, customer warranty IDs, and warranty limiters like a geographic or language area.

We love it. We want a few customers requiring small volume runs of labels. It is a way to use others unused areas in large scale printing.  We also do one off signs all the time – we can handle short runs because we are computer driven, not hard tooling driven. We want your short runs, while printers loth them

Decals, Stickers and Labels are printed with Adobe illustrator files. This gives you a huge range of colors, fine detail abilities and lot size one capability.– just like a sign. This means you can create custom labels with sequential numbers, customer names, states, dates and license plates. We use a latex CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key – black) printer that is vibrant.

Set-up Because there is no hard tooling, there is no hardware setup cost. We mount a roll on vinyl, and print your labels. It is faster and cleaner than a print shop. Our minimum charge is $100. Many customers find that this is the total cost of their stickers.numbered labels

Design – this is where the magic is. We take your design and convert it into an Adobe Illustrator file. If you don’t have a design, for a minimal additional cost we can make one for you. Once in Adobe Illustrator we can print pretty much any color, any size and any quantity of decals, stickers or labels. Want it is a different language? No worries: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or any other language is possible. We can put a picture, drawing or other art into your label. We can serialize these, put a customer’s name on it, a location or date it.

Print - The decal, sticker or label prints on a vinyl roll. The materials are the same used on outdoor signage. These are durable and weatherproof. The material also has better adhesion than a normally label. It is a very high quality product.

Lamination – A laminate is a layer of clear plastic that bonds with the vinyl face of your label. Laminates give you protection against rubbing, scrapping, sun fade and against liquids. Laminates are not required, but when it is – it is tough. A lot tougher other labels.

Dye Cut – We cut in 2 ways: by hand or by machine.  The machine cut is for curves and shapes. Dye Cut needs to be planned at the design stage. Dye cut is a very small knife or razor blade on an X Y plotter that cuts through the sticker, but not through the “release liner”. The release liner is the part that is pealed off and thrown away.

Need a short run? - this is the answer! It is quick, easy and the answer to short runs. Labels, stickers and decals made this way are much higher quality than most requirements.

If you need prototypes or short runs – contact us. Lets see if we can help!!

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