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Dimensional Letters and Exterior building Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 22, 2016 10:00:00 AM

At Signs for San Diego we see a lot of dimensional letters in business and industrial parks. Why? Business and industrial parks are generally daylight operations and have no need for illuminated signs. Dimensional Letters are cheaper to buy and have minimal maintenance. During daylight hours they are as effective as the more expensive channel letters.Dimensional_Rosaris_carryout_3.jpg

Should retail businesses use Dimensional Letters? Absolutely. It makes sense in a number of places and purposes. It saves money, it is nearly maintenance free and it looks great.

Channel Letters are required by the building owns and management in most strip malls. It is a part of what makes a mall a shopping experience. But this is for the main sign or name. Using non-illuminated signage to complement the lighted letters makes a lot of sense. Here is a great example.

Too much light detracts from the main message. In this case the message is clear and done just about right

Where should you use dimensional letters? Under your mail channel letter (lite sign) to tell about your main service or product. Use them for your logo, a picture or a shape. When you have a secondary business like “carryout” or service or will call or express service, it is ideal to use a cheaper sign

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