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Doctor Smart Phone Channel Letters

Posted by Frank Murch | Mar 21, 2017 10:00:00 AM

If you have a business in a strip mall, you are going to need a channel letter set.

What is a channel letter set? Channel Letters are shaped aluminum boxes shaped into letters and logos. The letters are illuminated with LEDs. The light from the LEDs shine through a “Face”. Faces have colors and designs. These are normally white or clear acrylic with translucent vinyl that acts as a color filter. Channel letters come in many sizes and many different colors. They are customizable to your business needs.Channel Letters DrSmartPhone 4.jpg

Why you need a channel letter set? The key characteristic about shopping malls, strip malls and other locations on major roads is that the traffic is coming there. You need to communicate that you are there so the people who are shopping in a shopping center become aware of you. This awareness is not a subtle thing. I lighted sign screams – I am here and open for business!. This does not convert people who are not interested, it tells customers that have a need where they can fulfill that need.

Where do you buy a channel letter set? There are a lot of choices. The ideal choice is a combination of a company small enough to pay attention to your needs and big enough to have a cost efficient manufacturing. The first step is to eliminate the companies that are not making their own signs. This can be a mystery, but it is actually very easy – Ask if they are UL Certified. If they are, ask if they make channel letters. Ask these questions in this order. The UL question identified if they are serious. The 2nd question tells you if they are too big or focused elsewhere.

Want a great channel letter set? Give us a call, we want your business and make everything in-house.

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