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Does My Sign Company Have a Contractor’s License?

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 10, 2017 10:00:00 AM

If your sign costs over $500, requires a permit or is outside, you probably need a licensed contractor to put it up.

You've called a bunch of sign companies and you sort them out by who calls back, who sounds good and who wanted the job. Now it gets tough. Each sign company has a smooth talker, seem to know what they are doing, but who can tell?? Lets assume you have 2 finalists. They're almost identically qualified, but there is one difference: one's licensed, the other isn't.Contractor's License Cert.jpeg

What does that really mean? What value does that license have to you? Does it matter?

Most customers are confused with this. Contractors feel it, too. Licensing is expensive and hard to get. Not everyone plays by the rules. Contractors that play by the rules pay more. They pay for the license, the worker’s comp insurance, the bonding, and they are subject to audits and enforcement. This makes it hard for them to compete against those who don't. It is simply more costly to have insurance, to have licenses, to have the skills and experience

But what is your business worth to you? Unlicensed contractors put their customers at risk if someone's injured on the job."

  • It takes 2 – 4 years of experience to qualify for the license
  • It required bonding
  • It requires general liability insurance
  • It requires Workers Comp Insurance

These things directly benefit you when there is a problem. A non-licensed contractor can get you fined, and worse, sued

So how do you know? Ask. At Signs for San Diego we will give you our Contractor Number anytime you ask (By the Way, its Contractors State License C-45 996506) You can check this at

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