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Does your Sign Company actually make Signs? Channel Letters

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 10, 2018 10:00:00 AM

So you need a sign for your business. But where do you turn? When you need a sign, you are faced with a ton of Sign Shops. Too large and you will not get the attention needed to make something special and too small, you are dealing with a distributor

Who are the manufacturers? How can you tell who is actually making signs and who is reselling the signs that other companies are making? From the outside, it can be impossible to tell. There are 3 ways to be sure.

  1. Who has a contractor’s license? If the company you are looking at does not have a CL-45, you are Chabad_Reverse_Channel_Letters_pre_install.jpgdealing with a pretender.
  2. Who is Underwriter Certified? If the company is not UL rated, it is not building signs
  3. Visit – Once you have sorted out the companies without the credentials, get in the car and visit them. If they have the people, the equipment and the p not physical abilities?

After separating the sign companies into who has the abilities and who is selling the abilities of others, the next step is to find the right size. Small manufacturers want your business, larger companies may not. Find a company that will serve your needs

It is this simple. Signs for San Diego wants your business and would like to talk with you.


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Whether you need a channel letter set, a monument signs, ADA signs, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, or any other type of commercial building signage, we can help! Signs for San Diego is the best sign company for building signs.


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