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Exterior Building Signs Poway CA - What kind of dreams does Holdrite have? Pipe dreams!

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 21, 2015 9:29:00 AM

Holdrite produces special fixtures to hold pipes. Everybody knows more dope in joints stops leaks. But when your pipes move you just need to hold it. When in doubt Holdrite’s innovative bracket systems hold pipes in place. Holdrite is so successful in these products, they needed more space. They purchased a building in Poway. This building needed the old signs taken down and their signs put up exterior building signs

Signs for San Diego fabricated and installed a number of exterior building signs for their new head office last week. Here is how it went.

We removed two old dimensional signs 14 X 4 foot rectangular plywood signs from the former building tenant. These dimensional signs were rotted and falling apart. It was also obvious they were build by different people. The construction was not uniform. It was a poor material choice. They used plywood. Plywood has some weaknesses in the heat and sun, with moister and if it is unsupported. There are also different grades of plywood, and the cheaper grades are much weaker than a marine grade plywood. Here the moister had penetrated into the wood and warped one, and was attacking the other. The signs were delaminating. Material choices and uniformity are really important to getting a good exterior building sign. exterior building signs

We used PVC: Many material are available, in this case PVC makes a lot of sense. PVC can not delaminate and resists water penetration. Signs for San Diego used a 1 inch thick PVC. PVC can warp in the sun and by using a thicker material stock, it resists warping. It also is a heave substantial sign. It is structurally strong and stable.

Pin mount. Signs for San Diego uses a impact hammer to drill little holes into the wall. These allow us to use threaded pins inside these holes. The pins are threaded deep into the exterior building sign and building providing a strong physical connection between the building and the sign.  The building is concrete, and has a porous surface. We also silicon the back of the dimensional letters to the building. This is an adhesive bond. The result is an exterior building sign that held with adhesive and pins. It is straight, stable and very strong. It will actually support the weight on a person.

Signs for San Diego is a licensed full service electrical and non-electrical sign contractor (C-45). This license also allows us to do any non-electrical signs in California. In California any exterior signs worth over $500 require a licensed contractor.  In this case this sign is in an industrial park and Holdrite customers visit in the daytime. Electrical illumination is not required. 

Signs for San Diego makes letters and logos in house. At Signs for San Diego we cut and shape every letter in our Oceanside shop. Most sign companies buy from shops like ours. There are several advantages to in-house manufacturing: Holdrite got exactly what they wanted, the choice of materials (in this case a 1” thick PVC) is the right choice for Holdrite – there was no compromise, no delay and no interpretation issues. Our scheduling is much more flexible, controlled and manageable.

Signs for San Diego has in-house Digital Printing and Lamination. Holdrite has specific colors and design. We use a new HP latex printer to exactly produce the correct colors and then seal these colors in with a UV blocking laminate. The colors are on the letters, perfectly sized and applied.

Installation. Many sign companies contract out their install work. Signs for San Diego uses our equipment and installation crews. We have better control over quality, scheduling and execution. The installation at Holdrite was challenging. One sign is above a parking lot and accessible with our bucket truck. This equipment is versatile and makes these sorts of jobs much easier. The other sign was landscaped in and on a slope where ladders were the only way.  This makes the installation slower, harder and brings up safety concerns. We have ladders from 4 feet to 32 feet. Our crews are experienced and we bring our own electrical generation where required. In short, we have been there, done that and know exactly how to address difficulties like this.Exterior Building Signs

So how many plumbers does it take to change a sign?  None, just call Signs for San Diego! Need am Exterior Building Sign? Contact us and lets get going!!

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