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Exterior Sandblasted Signs for Carlsbad CA

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM

North County San Diego is home to a number of historic areas: a mission, several old town main streets, revitalized historic Carlsbad, a quickly emerging renaissance in Oceanside and Vista. These area are slowly changing into historic districts. New companies are moving in, CPAs, Lawyers, Dentists, doctors, Insurance agents and a lot of retail not to mention the craft brewery market. These turn around areas are key to revitalizing slums into historic areas. It is a modern rebirth. Exterior signs are one way of producing a modern sign with a clean, strong, historical look. Signs in Olde Town Carlsbad community have rediscovered this charm and old world feel. Sandblasting signs excellent signs that have the charm of the old and the utility of the new.redwood Sandblast Sign

What makes Sandblast Signs special? 

It starts with redwood, There are several ways to product a wood sign. Carve into it, route it, build it up, but none look as good as sandblasting. It starts with a wooden board and a mask.  The board is blasted away with a stream of sand that erodes the wood away everywhere there is no mask. Remove the mask are there are raised letters. We seal it and start painting. The completed sign is dimensional look. It is an attractive and visually striking old world piece.

Appreciating the Process

It is a labor intensive. Redwood, Cedar and a High Density Urethane are the normal materials. This is shaped into a blank rectangular, oval, circle or other shape you prefer.HDU Sandblast Sign

After the blasting is finished, the wood is dirty and the mask is falling off. The mask is taken off and the sign is cleaned. A urethane sealer coat is applied. This is quick The next coats are hand painted. Each feature (letter, logo, edge) and other feature is carefully brushed with no masking.

The labor hours are high, the raw materials (wood and paint) are also costly. This makes these signs rather special. 

Local Businesses Take Advantage of This Signage Product

Standing out in a sea of competitors is difficult for any business. Redwood sandblasted signs are a unique old-world process. They make a great first impression. The exterior sandblasted signs Carlsbad CA business owners find these signs helpful and often required in historic areas and for businesses where the image of stability, longevity and conservative presence is desired. Sand blasted signs bring an elegant and small-town feel to the professional firm, the small shop or the conservative company using them.

Getting Your Sand Blasted SignRedwood SandBlasted Sign

Talk to Signs for San Diego Staff for more information on sand blasted signs and other exterior building signs. We work with you to create the sign that works for you, expertly brands your company, pulls customers through the door and makes the phone ring. As licensed contractors we can help you with the permitting process and installation. If you want to hang your sandblasted sign on your wall or make an entire monument sign, we produce a great Sandblasted sign.

Give us a call, Signs for San Diego 760-730-5118

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