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Fox News shows Cal State University San Marcos Graduation Banner

Posted by Frank Murch | May 17, 2015 4:15:00 PM

Fox News shows California State University San Marcos Banner produced by Signs for San Diego

Graduation at Cal State San University Marcos is a big deal. The photo opportunity is next to the stage and parents, friends and students are stages in front of banner made by Signs for San Diego. Fox News covered the event and showed this Banner today. See the clip here.

 Fox News CSUSM Banner


CSUSM uses a presentation trailer with a huge flat screen to show the 4000 in attendence a close up of each graduating student. It is a 48 foot long trailer with a large flat screen LED TV. In 2013 CSUSM wrapping this trailer a few days before the event, and then strip off this wrap. It was about a $6000 cost each year. In 2014 Signs for San Diego replaced this wrap with a custom sign banner. It is much cheaper, usable, faster to install and faster to take down.

The Signs for San Diego alternative was a banner for about 1/3 the cost of the wrap. In addition this banner is being used for the 2nd year now – a tremendious savings. In addition, the wrap had a grare that can be hard to photograph. The banner has a softer, more easially photographic backdrop look. This banner hangs off the top of the side of the trailer. It results is a cost saving or 85% and a time saving as well. It saves this year (year 2, next year and for several years to come)CSUSM 2015 Banner

The banner is large. It is 12 feet tall and 48 foot long. That is one huge banner!

Banners are temporary signs. CSUSM uses this 4 or 5 days a year.


Banners represented a huge savings to CSUSM, Banners are inexpensive for  businesses like yours too. Being temporary, they can be event driven or seasonal.

Smart companies can use this same technique. Graduation Sales, Holiday parties, Seasonal Sales, clearance sales, you name it – banners can promote it . Take the banner down and use it next year. Save money and make setup a seasonal tradition.


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