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Harrell’s Exterior Building Sign Santa Fe Springs CA

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM


Signs for San Diego created and installed Harrell’s Exterior Building Sign in Vista. Harrell’s is opening another facility in Santa Fe Springs. Santa fee Springs in not San Diego, and we normally don’t service areas in LA. In this case, our customers requested this and we did. This is happening more frequently as customers want us to fit their footprint. In most ways a remote install is like a local one. This is what happen 

Site Assessment – Signs for San Diego made a trip up to the site. We had pictures from Harrell’s so we were pretty sure we could do the job. We needed some information about the heights, the local sign ordinances and some specific pictures at specific angles.

Permit Approval. We visited the city and asked. It turns out there are some pretty specific requirements that differed from the first sign in Vista. There were about the thickness of the sign and drove the construction of the sign. Once we understood these the original construction needed to be altered to comply with the city requirements. In this case it did not improve the sign, it was strictly to comply with requirements from Santa Fe Springs. We applied and received the permit.

Construction - The Vista sign is made from a dense PVC. It is an inch think and pretty heavy. The 2nd sign is 2 inches thick. PVC would be much too heave at 2 inches thick and foam was the only option. We normally do not like foam, it is a less durable material. This is one case where a city ordinance required an inferior material to be used. Why Cities do this is an open question. It certainly is not advantageous to the city or the business. The city sets minimum standards and in this case also set the maximum standard as well. We built the sign out of foam.

Installation – Because we own the equipment there are no restrictions on mileage, distance or time. We also use in-house crews so the installation was scheduled and completed seamlessly

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