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Posted by Xan Gilligan | Apr 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Signs in Resorts and Hotels need to perform 2 key functions 1) Guest unfamiliar with your facilities are streaming through and are dependent on wayfinding and informational signage and 2) the theme of the resort or hotel is a part of the experience, so the branding and style is critical to create that “get away” or the “business environment” to support your guest’s travel goals. Picking up of this theme creates a LEGOLAND fantasy world, a Southern California beach atmosphere or other desired feel. Clever operators recognize the attention to detail is the key. A well throughout and executed signage and wayfinding program creates the guest experience required. How is this done? 


Business hotels

Business hotels cater to the busy executive and sales professional. Price is less important than getting in, out and about. This means signage that is bold, professional and placed in the correct locations. It also means directions to restaurants, conference rooms, check in, check out and the business center are the critical pathways. It also means a highly visible exterior sign to guide the guest to your foyer.

 Theme park lodging

Theme park hotels are creating a premium by providing fun spaces. The fantasy is carried through the gift shop, the lobby signs, the door signs and the names of the restaurants, exercise rooms, meting rooms and more. It is a place where fun is the goal. The cold efficiency of a business hotel dampens the joy in children and their adult helpers.

Vacation resorts

Like theme parks, there is a theme here too, but it is normally an adult feel. It can be about sand and sun, or a backwoods cabin or a hundred other things, but it creates premium by providing themed spaces. The gift shop, the lobby signs, the door signs and the names of the restaurants, exercise rooms, meeting rooms and more. These are often rewarding to the business people because they allow for a little relaxation between meetings, or adventurers to rest between sight seeing trips

 Signs for San Diego can help you streamline the guest experience and tailor it to your theme. Even if the function of the signage is the same, a little effort in the style, placement, and construction at make a “run of the mill” hotel into a destination. This effort is well worth the effort because it improved the guest experience, the reviews and the returns. It is an inexpensive way to make your facilities valued higher in the eyes of the guest (and on the bill at the end of the stay). Want to know more, give us a call?

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