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How to Get a Perfect Score on an ADA Inspection Test

Posted by Juliane Snowden | Aug 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM

As more and more buildings are being constructed, they are being built so that they can accommodate towards the disabled. With that being said, all buildings go through a test. Even signs for the disabled, which are more commonly known as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs, get tested as well. So here is a study guide to make sure your ADA signs pass the inspection.

  • Be sure that the finish for your ADA sign is a non-glare or a matte finish. This is so people don’t have trouble trying to read the sign and it can be seen from any angle.
  • Your ADA sign must have contrasting colors. There should be a 70% color contrast. The easiest way to do that is to have a light-colored pictogram on top of a dark-colored background and vice versa.
  • To avoid having to make a whole new set of ADA signs, please be sure to have the correct version of Braille. (Yes, there are 3 levels of Braille) The standard Braille that is used for ADA signs is Level 2 Braille. This version has a series of contractions which makes it a lot shorter than that of letter to letter conversion.
  • Pertaining to number 3, be sure that your Braille is federally compliant of California compliant. Because California compliant is stricter than the federal compliant, most companies often strive to meet California compliant to pass the federal compliant.
  • Make sure your ADA sign is properly mounted. This means that height and spacing are very important.

For those who are running a business in a building that was built prior to the ADA becoming law (1990), just know that they will NOT be given any special treatment. So for those in buildings that were built before the ADA becoming law, you might want to make some changes so you can pass this test too.

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