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Save $15,000 on Exterior Building Signs for your Industrial Park

Posted by Frank Murch | Jun 25, 2015 9:30:00 AM

Exterior Building Signs are an investment. Exterior Building Signs attract traffic to your door front door and your back door. There is time, money and frustration cost. Help vendors and customers picking up product find their way to your back dock – it cuts costs!. The signage outside your commercial building is your lifeline. While the front of your building in there to impress, lets talk about the back of your building too.


ADDRESS NUMBERSAddress numbers

Every smart phone has GPS, this gets vendors and customers within a 100 feet of your building. Getting from that 100 foot mark to arrival still requires drivers to find the exact building Reading the building address numbers is important. Can your visitors read your address numbers?? Here in San Diego and North County foam has been used as a cheap Address Number material for years. Birds love it and it falls apart. Do you even have good address number on the building?  If you building is a few years old trees grow taller and hide the address numbers. Can a visitor even see your address numbers?  Can the fire department see them if there is a fire? If it is difficult to read your address numbers you are wasting your customer’s, vendor’s and your time. Replace damaged numbers with bold new numbers. Add Address numbers to both corners of the building. Make it easy to find you. What happens if you don’t?  Some call and waste from desk time, others walk in and ask if your building is the right one, and if not ask for directions. If this wastes between 20 and 25 minutes of your staff’s time (easy to do with several of these daily) It is likely $5000 in wasted time each year. If one customer gives up, you could lose much more.



Your deliveries will get to your back lot the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is they make the wrong turns, they call your front desk on their phone, they walk in and ask “where…” Tell the delivery driver where to go on a prominently displayed sign. Don’t waste your staff’s time dealing with confusion, don’t experience late arrivals – make it obvious and cut the frustration. On average businesses have 4 to 5 deliveries daily. Many have more than 20. These are from every vendor you have plus UPS, Fed Ex, other delivery services and customer looking for “will call”. Each instance take time. Inadequate signage wastes time. The drivers time and your time. The staff answers the phone, drivers walking into the wrong door. An average interruption takes about 6 minutes. 4 events a day at 6 minutes each is 100 hours a wasted time a year. At $50 / hour that is $5000. A sign clearly direction the driver in much less. It pays for itself in onetime deliveries, labor cost, not to mention missed opportunity cost when the truck driver crowds out a customer call!!



Loading docks have a unique requirements for traffic. Getting the right door with clear and concise loading dock door and overhead signs is required. Backing a truck into the wrong bay wastes a lot o time. Getting out of the truck to knock on the back door is also a huge time waster. Tell the driver know exactly where to go. This reduces the duration and number of trucks in the back lot, makes loading and unloading happen faster and lowers frustration. Keep the driver moving and minimize the time he is there by being explicit. It is faster, less labor, less wasted time and less confusion. It is more efficient. No data is readily available, cutting 24 minutes off a day’s deliveries is another $5000 a year.dock Sign


Architectural Signage is an investment. The ROI on Address Numbers, Directional signs to your back lot and Loading Dock Signs is short. While your situation could by less or more favorable, can you afford not doing this?? A pay back of 2 to 3 weeks is not unreasonable. With less of your staff’s time answering questions, fewer drivers getting out of their trucks and making cell phone calls, less traffic backing up in the lot, and faster deliveries.


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