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How Vehicle Wraps make you money??

Posted by Frank Murch | Jan 28, 2016 6:07:00 AM

Spending money on advertising can be helpful or a waste of money. There is an old joke that Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half said the famous John Wanamaker. While Wanawaker died 93 years ago, but Finding the right mix between different types of marketing is just as difficult today.Humane_Society_Van_Back_Side.jpg

People tune out advertisements. So many ads from competitors and other businesses makes is easy to ignore and get ignored. Traditional methods like Radio, Newspapers, direct mail, web sites are things every business does. While each has its strengths and weaknesses, it is very likely none is 100% effective. Also one method probably builds on others. Still this vast array of crowded and conflicted advertising makes it difficult to get your message out.

So how can you raise above the noise and make your standout to those that could buy from you? So doing things others don’t helps you to be noticed.

The average commute time in the US is 24 minutes.  In Southern California and in our area (San Diego, Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad and Encinitas for example) it is much longer. People sit in there cars and wait for traffic to move. When cars do move the driver must focus on the others cars around them, checking speed, watching for turns and traffic signals. You’re your future customer is driving and your car wrap is there – they must pay attention to the message. This catches customers during a period where they are ready to receive your message.Cobra-i.jpg

What kinds of vehicles that can be wrapped? From Golf Carts to Semi trucks and in-between we see Car wraps, Van Wraps, Service truck Wraps, Semi Truck Trailer Wraps, Boat Wraps and ever plane wraps. What you should do depends on the target audience. Semi truck trailer wrap for interstate commerce is a mobile bill board and is so valuable – the space can be sold.

Service trucks are a great example. They are traveling to jobs and between jobs and at your company or home. Every one of these places where you want new customers! The locations are exactly where your current customers are or where they should be. No other form of advertisement is so tightly targeted. There is also a pattern in these travel patterns. Your vehicle wrap is seen by the same people over and over. While the numbers can be huge, La Costa and I5 have about 200,000 cars a day.

Putting your vehicle graphics “out there” does not need to be costly. There are different types ad levels of advertising Signs for San Diego can apply:

Magnets – Signs for San Diego makes a set of 2 door magnets for a low cost. You can put them on take them off at will.

Cut vinyl with your logo and name on doors and vehicle body panels. One can make this as inexpensive as a set of magnetics and go up from there. These are very popular with service trucks

Sides of box trucks – these are like billboards only without the permits and city legal limitations. If you are running box trucks and not doing this – you are missing a great opportunityTrailer_Wrap_-left_side.jpg

Half Car wrap – No need to wrap everything, you can wrap just the back, or top half. This is a very effective compromise

Full vehicle wrap – we can use every inch for advertising

Car wraps are temporary things.  A good car wrap will easily last 3 years under hard use. There are many vehicle wraps on the road today that have seen 7-10 years, but what happens when it is time to sell your vehicle? With newer wraps are taken off you may suffer some paint damage on after market paint job. Normally OEM paint jobs come out without scratches, and the normally wear and tear. Why? The car wrap protects the original finish and often increases the resale value of the car it was on.

So how can you raise above the noise and make your standout to those that could buy from you? Try a car wrap or vehicle graphics!

With so much spending on advertising, you need to pick the type of advertising that is most effective. That old joke that Half the money spent on advertising is wasted still applied, but you have a better chance with a car wrap than most other advertising.


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