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Identify your group with decals, sticker and labels

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 10, 2015 9:33:00 AM

Do you have fans, need to ID your group, want to tell the world use a product or support a candidate????

When you want your name on a bumper, your unit ID on a Humvee, or your club ID on event attendees we can help.

Need a Couple of hundred stickers but can not find a printer to accept the job. Commercial printers are not interested in quick limited print runs of stickers. They want thousands. Setting up to run 200 bumper stickers in a print shop is cost prohibitive. The set up time and cost is high, and it takes time. Desktop printing lacks the quality to make you look good. We provide an economical solution for your short run needs. Unit Stickers

Why can we do it, but the local print shop can’t? Technology is the answer! Signs for San Diego uses HP wide format digital printing for signs. We make exterior signs, the big suckers and we have the technology to do excellent quality stickers, decals and labels. A lot of signs we deal with also don’t use the full width or length od the raw material. This means we have scrap material. This is top quality, durable material that we can run your small jobs in.

Wanted - a few small customers wanting low volumes of stickers. Printers don’t want your business, but we do!!

Sticker are printed with Adobe illustrator and a digital printer – exactly the same as a sign. This means you can customize the colors, size and concert. Have a concert – create a sticker, Have 10 products – create 10 stickers! We can do 10 custom labels or 1000. We can print 5 or 10 variations at the same time. Our Digital printer is the HP L26500 – a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key – black). This is excellent for short runs with multiple designs. 

Our set-up costs are soft and design costs, not hard tooling. We turn around these pretty fast. With a $100 minimum you are not out a lot of cash and still make a huge impact.

The process:

Design –We take your ideas, photos, and logo, convert it into an Adobe Illustrator file and change it into a sticker. Full color with unlimited variations are possible at no additional cost. Want 50 big ones and 100 small ones – not a problem. Need a photo, a sunset or detailed drawing? No worries – we have you covered.Product sticker

Print - The sticker print in sheets off a roll on material. The material used in a sign shop is designed for signage that requires durability, great adhesion, weather resistance, and great quality. It is a very high quality product.

Lamination – We can apply a laminate for maximum protection. Lamination provides scratch resistance, mechanical protection, UV protection and protection against liquids. While not required, laminate is tough. It is a lot tougher than a normal label

Dye Cut – We cut these by computer controlled machine.  This is a Graphtec plotter that drives a very small knife cutting through the sticker, but leaving the “release liner”. The release liner is the slick part you peal and throw out.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your territory, put club stickers, unit stickers, team stickers and donation stickers on bikes, cars, boats, windows and trailers. It promoted your identity, lets others know about you and your interests.

The first step is to give us a call, Signs for San Diego 760-730-5118,

 Contact us for a consultation

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