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In real-estate the need for signs is obvious, 4 great ways to make your sign stand out

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 5, 2015 2:50:00 PM

In real-estate the need for signs is obvious, 4 great ways to make your sign stand out


Selling real-estate is not an easy task. Signs are absolutely required, but everybody has a 24 X 18 inch generic sign. The task of standing out is not easy. If you are going to gain that edge you need to optimize all the small things, and then try to find a unique, but tasteful difference. In a busy world, who has time to research out every little edge.  Who has the time to fuss with the details.  Most of us are lucky to get the big things done and hopeful that the small stuff will not come back to bite us.  If you are running a 100 miles per hour, how are you going to get the small edge that makes the big difference?  Here are a 4 things to do that make a big difference in a short time:Mewborn-in-process2


For Sale Sign Placement Every city has a zoning ordinance. You should call them and have them guide you to the ordinance and download it.  It is very possible you will find:  The high will have a maximum height (like 5 or 6 foot), The distance to the property has a minimum (like 10 feet), there is a limit on the number of open house signs (4 or 5) and posted signs (1 or 2). Maximize these for each city. Get as close to the property line as you can to increase visibility, post as many signs as you are allowed to and use their limits as your guidelines.


Size Matters All the local cities have limits on sign sizes. The most common are 24 X 18 followed by 36 X 24. Use the biggest signs you are allowed to use (Probably a 36 X 24). The increased area increases the price of the sign, but not by that much. The extra dollar or two makes your listing stand out.


Use a different shape Now that you are using a 36 X 24 rather than the 24 X 18 you have doubled the area of the sign. You have the space to add a shape.  An oval, a shield, a curve – anything that is different attracts attention. Use the space to make your sign memorable. Buyers drive by large numbers of homes. After a while, they all meld together and it is hard for them to remember where the properties were and what was unique about them.  A simple shape can be remembered when the name and number, the address and street name are long gone. Use a shape.


Color Don’t use the same red white and navy blue everybody else does. Red White and Blue are great colors, but they are hopelessly overused. Use 2 colors that contrast, black and silver, yellow and brown, are 2 good choices. Make your sign different. colorcombination.jpg



Design Add your design, your logo and your picture to that sign – make it unique. Ideally what you use will do one of two things – 1) Use your photo and make you the recognizable difference. If you have a lot of listings, this can be extremely effective. It make it appear you list a lot of properties and the others are generic secondary listings. It also puts a face and

Mewborn-Dpersonalizes the house – they call you and not some national company with a pushy sales person. 2) Start making the logo brand your efforts. Logos work off repetition and a memory difference. The memory difference is this – people remember pictures must faster and better than words. A memorable logo make a difference

SOLD! on top of a real estate sign makes a huge statement. You do not have a lot of time, as the sellers are not looking for it and the buyers want to close without a lot of fanfare. But this is for all the potential sellers and buyers. They want to achieve what your buyer and seller just did – a successful closing. Tell them you facilitated this and you are the one to call to make it happen.  If you are lucky, you may get several weeks out of this – put the sold sign up fast and delay its removal if you can


An Example


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