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Industrial Business Signs : YouTube Install

Posted by Frank Murch | May 29, 2015 4:00:00 AM

If you have leased space in an industrial park your probably have one of 2 sign types over your entrance.Industrial Park Sign

These  industrial park signs are normally the same in the entire complex. They are generally of 2 types:

-       Aluminum Pan Signs. These are a Aluminum construction is bent into a box. The sides are about one or two inches. They mount to the wall with a frame.  This frame is made from the same the Aluminum sheet shaped into a shallow “U” or is made from an aluminum 90 degree angle extrusion .  the outer pan is Screwed from the top and bottom edges through the mount.

-        The other common type of industrial park sign is make from a sheet of wood or PVC with a French Cleat. A French Cleat is a plank, cut at a 45 degree angle the long way. Half is attached to the sign with the 45 degree angle down and out like a tooth. The matching plank is screwed into he building with the 45 degree cut out like the tooth of a jaw. When the sign is put on the building the top and bottom of the French Cleat match up and lock together.

The face of either types of signs have a face and accept a digital print or cut vinyl. 

-       Digital prints are a modern technology.  At Signs for San Diego, we  use a wide format HP Latex jet printer. The ink is deposited on top of the vinyl, cured and dried in the printer.  Then a thin sheet of laminate is added for UV protection. The advantage of these sign types is any color and image can be used.  The disadvantage is this is a think color layer, and scratches or damage can remove the ink layer.Aluminum Pan Blank

-       Cut Vinyl  is an older method. This method is 30 years old technology. A colored roll of vinyl is run through the plotter. The Plotter is a machine that uses a very small 45 degree blade. It is computer driven and cuts the letters and number out. The next step in “weeding” where we remove everything not needed. The advantage of these sign types is the color runs through the whole layer. It is excellent for letters, numbers and shapes. The disadvantage is this is photos are not possible, and color fades are not an option.

See an install here? Here is a YouTube video for your enjoyment.

Bucket truck


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