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Industrial park signs 5 reasons you need one: Trueline Woodworks Inc.

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 15, 2015 10:36:55 AM

Have a lease on industrial park space and need a building sign? There are 5 major reasons you need to design, produce and install a commercial and industrial signs, Maybe all 5 match your situation or maybe only 3 or 4.Trueline_publish

At the start of your lease (or if you are clever, before signing your lease) the past tenant’sindustrial park signs will still be on the building. Property managers and owners are not in a hurry to take these down. A unit with a sign looks full and property managers like full buildings so much, pretending a unit is occupied is better than taking down the sign and letting the world know. Particularly when several suites are empty, the vacancy signs probably will be on one or two units but not all the available space. A nearly full house means high lease rates. Property managers are very slow to take down old signs.

Cost, property managers and owners also are notoriously cheap. When vacancy increases, cash flow goes down and the willingness and ability to pay for sign removal goes to zero. Property managers hate spending the money unless it is yours. There is a 100% chance they are counting on you to put your sign over the old tenants’ and save the expense of doing it for you.

Once the lease is signed and you move in, you have that former tenant’s sign above your lobby. That makes your customers uneasy and the former residence friends and customers drop by. Concealed identities may work for movie stars, but not for your business. You will quickly need a sign to tell the world where you are: 

Deliveries and guests from Fed Ex, UPS, the post office and all your vendors will find you a lot faster with a sign. While you are at it posting your hours and after hours phone on the door and marking the loading dock will help too. For anybody trying to get UPS to make a 2nd trip out for delivery because the first try did not work – you know what I mean. A sign helps get you working on your business and not the vendor’s and delivery folks job. 

Customer in “Business to Consumer” businesses require the pretty lighted and fancy signage. While “Business to Business” companies do not need the fancy and expensive signage but industrial park companies need simpler signage. Visitors need signs to help with the last 100 yards. The entrance and lobby is marked by your sign logo and name. When customers give up because they can not find you, you lose business, waste time and confused customers.

 At Signs for San Diego we do a lot of industrial signs. We know how they come off, go on, how to produce them quickly and effectively. We also have the equipment to drive up, swing the boom in position and do the work fast. 


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