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Is your charity invisible to the community? Window Signs

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 12, 2017 5:32:15 AM

Are you invisible to the community? Window Signs

Are you in a cash pinch and depressed attendance? Have your follower sponsor signs. Donors are delighted to have a high profile signs they can point to and see their impact. Here is an example: Fellowship church had 32 windows in a church building. This is an older church with an established group, but they want to shift to younger families and your adults. Signs for San Diego “got it” and provided an installed example. It was show and tell time on Sunday with an offer – sponsor a sign like this is a window for a modest sum. The results were outstanding. All 32 windows were “sold “ and there was enough “demand” to sell more if these had been available. The results? The public now sees these windows and is attracted and interest, the signs were paid for plus a very healthy bank account boost. It is a “Win Win”. xDigital Print in Window Fellowship Church 3.jpg

What is this? Here are the construction details. These are printed on vinyl with an adhesive back. We applied these to each window. The windows were painted, or blacked out. It they were not blacked out we could have used “Perf”. Pref is the same vinyl, but like a mosquito screen, it will allow light in. From the inside you can see out. From the outside, you see the image. 

We hope this inspires your to think about sponsorship and donors in ways that help the whole and the bank account. We can help

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