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Lobby signs, a business tool

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 24, 2015 8:23:00 AM

Shimadzu wanted their lobby to be attractive. Your customers are judging you from the moment they walk in. You can set the tone and control more of the experience with good signage. A lobby sign makes a huge difference. 

Signs for San Diego makes Lobby Signs. We make them in house with our equipment and staff. We use Plastic, Acrylic, PVC, Wood. We make them stand out with colors, stand offs, and finish. Most purchase these signs from wholesale company. Signs for San Diego, we use our router and digital print in-house equipment to make your Lobby Sign.

3 Steps for great Lobby signs

Materials. Shimadzu has dimensional letters. These are Acrylic and stand off the wall. Many companies like to see a clear acrylic panel on stand offs. We can do lobby signs from a couple hundred dollars and up.

Design. Shimadzu brought their logo to us. They use this logo on everything from letter head to trucks. This is smart because customers gradually internalize your brand and become more comfortable with accepting you over time. They provided their artwork in a vector file format. Shimadzu saved a lot of design costs by having their logo electronically.

You Need Reception Area Signs

You could have nothing on your walls or some nondescript framed paintings, or a plant. Why are you wasting the opportunity to indoctrinate your customers into your loyal partners. Every time a customer sees your name and logo, they get a little closer to internalizing you with their needs. The support becomes a little easier, the pricing a little less challenges, the communication a little better. Lobby signs are powerful in setting the mode and driving home your desirability.

Benefits to having a Lobby Sign:

  • Lobby signs tell a visitor they are in the right place when they walk in
  • Lobby signs put customers at ease because they display confidence and professionalism
  • Lobby signs offer directional reinforcement
  • Lobby signs with slogans and mottos will help define what sets your business apart

All great companies have Lobby signs. Many retail and service companies use them as well. If you have a great company or are just starting to build one, a Lobby sign is a great place to start 

Call us today and start working on your image with a great lobby sign!!

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