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Lobby Signs Second Surface Acrylic Prints

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 11, 2016 10:00:00 AM

There are a many different types of lobby signs, and understanding the different options for interior lobby signs and which one is right for your business can be confusing. One little understood lobby sign technique is the use of clear acrylic with sub surface prints. An acrylic panel has a front side (called a standard surface) and a back side (called a second surface or a subsurface).

What is AcrylicAcrylic-Lobby_Sign_Genentech_2nd_surface.jpg

Acrylic is a plastic. It comes in a range of colors and several clear versions. We divide these into two groups: translucent and opaque. Translucent lets light through and opaque does not.

Clear acrylic is a great material for custom lobby signs. Acrylic is a lightweight material (1/2 pound per square foot), which lets us mount the acrylic with standoffs. Acrylic is also a great material to print directly on. Most direct print inks are UV cured. 

Glass vs. Acrylic

Acrylic is a great replacement for glass. It is safer, more affordable, can be shaped more easily, and the light weight allows it to be mounted more dramatically. 

Second surface printing has a couple of drawbacks. The front is prone to glare and reflections. Also, while direct printing is translucent and lets light through, it is a weaker print with a limited color range and less vibrancy. 

The results are amazing. We can print on the back side and have the front a smooth, glossy surface and the image showing through. It is a striking look because it is like looking through water to the image below. It has depth and reflections, so light can come through. Standoffs bring the acrylic out from the wall for a 3 dimensional look. It is an interesting, dynamic, and professional look. Clients will come into your lobby and notice your custom lobby sign right away. 

Here is an example of an interior lobby sign with UV printing on clear acrylic and mounted on standoffs. It creates an aesthetically beautiful sign.

All great companies have great lobby signs, and so should yours! Custom lobby signs are a great way to stand out and be remembered. Whether you're just starting your company or are redesigning your office signs, custom lobby signs are an important part of your signage strategy.

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