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Make the phone ring with Channel Letters Oceanside CA

Posted by Frank Murch | Apr 23, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Displaying a Company’s name in lights draws customers in. The Store front signage you need are Channel Letters!Channel Letters Oceanside CA


Abigail’s Medical Supply in Oceanside CA uses Chanel Letters as a business tool. Abigail’s has a successful business in an older mall due for renovation. Abigail had to move. She is now at a new location: 3837 Plaza Drive unit 802. Abigail’s Medical Supply needed a sign to attract new customers and help the existing customers find her in the new location 

Abigail’s Medical Supply contacted her current customers and invited them to a grade re-opening in her new location.  They all had an address and some idea about the new location, but helping them find her in the last 100 yards is all about signs. Signs are like a beacon telling customers your exact location! Existing customers can see the shop. New customers discover your business! The sign screams out HERE. Several signs helped Abigail keep her existing customers through the transition and attract new customers. Abigail’s Medical Supply is growing with the existing base and the new customers too!

With Channel letters, Oceanside CA businesses help customers find you. Channel Letters inform prospective customers about your services and products. Channel Letters are a business tool. Abigail called Signs for San Diego to build a sign to accomplish all of these things. 

Banner Oceanside CAAt Signs for San Diego we are happy to help. We started with a large banner while the permitting process began. It is not uncommon to have a “Coming Soon” Banner, A “Now Hiring Banner” followed by a “Grand Opening” banner. Customers notice, as does the mall and street traffic. It creates a “buzz” about the new business and energizes the opening at that critical startup time. Signs for San Diego also produced all of the in store signs. The front windows tells customers about the key products, hours and contact information. Signs were posted on the street and in front to announce the grand opening. These doubled as “wayfinding signs” directing traffic to the front door. Inside each isle and areas uses oval signs to proudly direct customers to the products they want and need. All of these signs work to tell customers about Abigail’s Medical Supply. They built up as the City of Oceanside and the construction of the channel letters progressed.

Abigail’s Medical Supply has a lot of letters. In most cases each letter would have wiring and mounting that puts holes in the wall. Having a lot of letters means a lot of holes. We reduced this by using a 1 inch pan to route the wires into a couple of holes through the wall. It makes service easier, property managers are happier and the installation is faster. This signs is designed with LEDs and modern construction. It is safer, cheaper to run, easier to service and better for the property that traditional channel letters.Abigails Medical Supplies Channel Letters Oceanside CA

Signs for San Diego designed Abigail’s channel letter sign with her brand, colors and style. Abigail’s background as a nurse, an “angle of mercy” comes through in the sign. The windows, doors, exterior and interior store signage reinforce this theme to communicate what Abigail’s Medical Supply is really all about. It is much more than a medical products outlet – It tells customers the real story - Abigail care deeply about her customers. All the signage is a reflection of the character you will find inside.

With Channel letters, Oceanside CA companies get noticed by thousands of potential customers everyday. Using Illuminated signs, Oceanside, CA companies reinforce their identities and brand recognition. Thousands of commuters sees channel letter signs every day. They use channel letters to navigate. They sit in traffic and notice these signs. They relate their current and future needs to the products and services available to them. Awareness of the shops they can easily access drives customers into the parking lot and to your front door. While consumers tune out most advertising they are very aware of the signs they see every day during their commute. Drawing customers into your retail location with channel letters, Oceanside CA your business will be much more successful, Call Signs for San Diego to create your next Channel Letter sign and see the difference.

Looking for business tools to pull in customers? With Channel letters, Oceanside CA companies are doing this every day. Contact Signs for San Diego for a consultation and a quote to start getting more business with channel letter signs.


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Whether you need a channel letter set, a monument signs, ADA signs, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, or any other type of commercial building signage, we can help! Signs for San Diego is the best sign company for building signs.


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