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Marketing Christmas - banners

Posted by Frank Murch | Nov 16, 2017 2:34:28 AM

Need to get an outlandishly large banner up? How does this happen? How they stay up there?

This Christmas season is likely to be the best in years. Employment is up, the stock market is raging, real-estate is impossibly high again and people have both cash and credit. The San Diegans are in a buying mood. For retail businesses, this is the period that will make 2017 profitable or not. Go big or go home is a phase often heard.MALLBANNERS.jpg

Banners are a way to go big, fast and without spending a fortune. The large retailers know this, do you? Here is an example:

The Shoppes at Carlsbad (Formerly the Westfield mall) went with 2 large banners, 40 foot by 20 foot. It is visible from the highway and is impactful. They are promoting their location, their shops and products now. Many Christmas shoppers will be in these store and not in the store not promoting – now.

How can you make the most of this season? Be bold and be promoting now. A sale, a product promotion, a new brand or even a seasons greeting theme puts you out there and helps make this critical revenue season the best it can be.MALLBANNERS 2.jpg


Need help to take advantage of the opportunity? Give us a call now. You been to “Go Big” now, a month from now is too late, we can help

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