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Monument Signs Create Rent Increases

Posted by Frank Murch | Aug 6, 2015 10:32:00 AM

Monument signs can drive: rent increases, attract better tenants, Increase demand, and enhance profitability. But first a jokeMonument Sign Vista CA

How Paul rents his first apartment. He calls mom and tell mom about the crazies that are his new neighbors. Paul hates them.
Mom asked why do you hate your neighbors? Paul answers “well the guy across the hall moans in pain all the time. The older woman hits her head against the shared wall all day long. On the other side the young guy yells and threatens him. The couple above him stomps their feet on the flor.“
Mom tells Paul “ these people are strange and stay away from them”
Paul assures her “I will stay in the apartment with the doors locked and I keep to myself and play my Tuba in the bed room".
Attracting the best tenants drives greater profitablity: higher lease rates, reduced turn over, limits behaviorial problems and produces better profitability. Accomplishing this requires apartments attactive to the right tenants. They must to be clean, well maintained, modern and attractive. Starting the first impression at the front curb.

Kuhio Partnerships purchased 4 older apartment complexes. Kuhio is investing in paint, landscaping, maintence dollars into each ot these aquisitions. As the capstone piece they needed 4 Monumnet Signs. Each sign looks similar. Each renamed the older Apartment Houses.  Each replaces and redoes an existing sign.Monument Sign Vista CA

Upgrading existing signs uses the existing location and replaced wood with metal, plywood with plastic and old messages and colors with new ones. Here are the improvements;

-       All 4 replaces a rotting plywood sign with a PVC construction. PVC can not rot, rust, or be eaten by insects. Also each replaces a rough cut with a persision routed shaped piece that communicates quality.

-       Each is color matched with each apartment’s new color and paint. This identifies each building with the sign and the new renavations. It makes these apartments stand out from the croud. These are the best apartments in the area.


Monument Sign Vista CA

-       Mounting of the original signs were (in most cases) on rotting wood 4X4 posts. These posts are now Aluminum posts in concrete. Much better quality, more structurally sound and longer lasting. It looks better too.

-       The size, font and shape are all uniform. By starting with a basic shape, font and details it starts to drive an image for Kuhio PartnershipsMonument Sign Escondido CA

-       The ability to redo the message. The older signs were spent – they were totally worn out. The dryrot, termite damagem the poor paint, and the lack of ability to change phone numbers, names or anything else. These new signs can be updated anytime the phone number or other information changes.

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