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Monument Signs Upgrade Community Image

Posted by Frank Murch | May 12, 2015 11:00:00 AM

Signs for San Diego makes monument signs that help properties like yours attracts more and better inquiries. Let your property become a magnet for the type of people you want there. A great sign makes money through increased rents, increased applicants, longer periods between move outs and just a more professional look.Vista Ca Monument Sign

A new monument sign improves your image. People driving by notice. Not everybody driving  sees your Carlsbad Monument Signs, or your San Marcos Monument Signs. A great looking Monument sign is noticed by potential tenants. Impressing them with a good looking sign drives them to call, visit and view a vacant unit.  They more people calling, visiting and viewing, the more units are rented and the more demand for the vacancies.

A damaged or dates monument sign can drag down a community.  Signs for San Diego creates and works on a lot of vista monument signs. We also help community and property managers pull in more and better tenants. The same signage techniques help Oceanside monument signs, and san Marcos monuments signs.

In this case, there existed a brick wall. It was designed as a monument sign, but had seen better days.  It started with stripping the wall cleaning and repainting it. Then we choose a generic plastic lettering system.  This was the Gemini lettering system and it has several advantages. These letters carry a lifetime guarantee. If they are ever damaged, they can be returned and you get a new one. They are also generic, so if a letter goes missing, a replacement can be purchased.

Plastic letters are durable, they take a beating from the sun, people touching them, little kids pulling on them and still look great.

Community and Property managers love these letters because they have the look and feel required to pull in the best prospective tenants. They are also affordable and wear well.

Interested in upgrading your current sign or replacing it all together? Give us a call at Signs for San Diego

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Whether you need a channel letter set, a monument signs, ADA signs, wayfinding signs, lobby signs, or any other type of commercial building signage, we can help! Signs for San Diego is the best sign company for building signs.


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