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Monument Signs: What is a “pan” and why do I need one?

Posted by Frank Murch | May 22, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Mall Monuments have “faces” and each face is a little sign denoting a business. Many times, these signs are translucent acrylic (normally white) with vinyl showing the name of the business. Most often they have aluminum faces. Pans, for instance, are aluminum faces.

At Signs for San Diego, we have the massive metal working equipment to bend and shape these faces quickly and at minimal cost. We work with the mother of all metal working equipment: a 3,000 pound metal brake. This machine shapes a flange on the panel and makes the “pan".Monument Sign Fresh And Easy 2 copy.jpg

Pans are not signs, they are blanks. To take a blank and make a sign, we cut out the face into your name. This can be done in any number of ways, but 2 ways are common:

  • Water jet. This is a stream of water with grit in it that blasts your name and logo through the face. It leaves a hole for the sign maker to use acrylic to finish the pan.
  • This uses a laser to melt or cut your name and logo through the face. It has a slightly different edge than the water jet, but does the same thing.

Once the holds are through the metal, the sign maker uses acrylic and vinyl to make your sign's color, image, and shape. Pan face signs typically cost more than acrylic and they look better. High-end malls use them.

Need a sign company to make a pan face Monument Sign for your business? At Signs for San Diego, we can maintain your sign, change out and face, or build the whole thing. Let us help you create the perfect sign - give us a call!

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