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Move a Lobby Sign in Carlsbad?

Posted by Frank Murch | Feb 3, 2015 2:43:00 PM

Move a Lobby Sign in Carlsbad?

If you have a great lobby sign and you are moving to bigger “digs” can you keep it?  The answer is – it depends. For Richards Reality Group the answer was yes.  They are able to save a great sign and use it in their new offices.  Over a period of years your company will probably move into new locations as the business grows, you find more advantageous locations and other things change. Here are the factors in taking that lobby sign with you.


  1.   Lobby signs are generally sized to fit the space available. It you have a small lobby and you are moving into a place with a big lobby – it could be a problem. There are several things you can do to make reuse more likely. When you buy a lobby sign, error on the big side. A Lobby sign may take ¼ to a 1/3 of a wall length. Try to size it closer to 1/3 or even a little more. It increases impact, but it also increases the chance you will be able to reuse it


  1.   Watch the materials carefully. Generally Acrylic, PVC, wood and metal components are easier to move than foam, vinyl, paint and paper. These “movable” materials tend to me a little more expensive, but their life is much longer. Also avoid foam.  Foam was the new low cost alterative a few years ago, but is hard to clean, easy to damage and does not move well.


Mounting In many cases the sign is mounted – letter by letter, directly on the wall.  That is an effective way to use that wall and creates a visual impact. It also complicates the move.  If you know you are going to move, consider a “substrate”.  The most common is clear acrylic on standoffs.  A lobby sign on Acrylic and stand offs can be removed, moved and reinstalled easily. A direct attachment is more difficult and required a template. Paint of vinyl is not generally worth trying.Richards-Real-Lobby


Reuse outside the Lobby. If you started out with a 10 X10 lobby and now you are leasing a new space with a 40 X 100 lobby, it is unlikely that Lobby sign will fit the new area, but don’t give up just yet. Older lobby signs are great in meeting rooms, as backdrops in teleconferencing rooms, excellent for the CEO, COO, or CFO’s office. Just because the original purpose no longer fits does not mean you should discard that Lobby Sign.


In the case of Richard’s Reality Group,  Signs for San Diego took down the lobby sign. It was silicon bonded to the wall and we damaged that wall to save the sign. In this case it was not a problem, but one should be aware of that potential for damage. In this case it was required to safe the sign. In our shop we cleaned and repaired each letter. Over the years there was some damage to a couple of the letters – this was repairable and we repaired it. Then Signs for San Diego created a new paper pattern for the lobby sign. This is a tool to make sure every letter, every space and the entire sign is spot on when reinstall.  We traveled to the new lobby and with the aid of the template reinstalled the sign. The result – it looks better today than when we removed it and as good as it did when new.


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