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NC Jewish Center lights up minds in La Costa! Halo Lit Channel Letters

Posted by Frank Murch | Jul 2, 2015 9:19:00 AM

North County Jewish Center is a place to receive a first rate Jewish Education for children and adults in Carlsbad for Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Marcos. It is in a brand new building, and is a first rate Hebrew school! Reverse Channel Letters Carlsbad CA

NC Jewish Center is a lighthouse of Jewish values tradition and culture. With the opening of this new building the Jewish Center at La Costa offers the community is a place for traditional Jewish prayer. It is a place to study Judaism. A venue for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. This center will be the central pillar of Jewish life in this area.

At Signs for San Diego was privileged to have been selected to install their new Reverse channel Letter Carlsbad CA sign in La Costa. It is an interesting installation and had several challenges:

This building is brand new. It is outstanding in a number of ways and one of these is it has a lower lever (A basement). This is very rare in California. The lower lever is addressed with a series of steps leading to an entrance area right below this Halo Lit channel letters Carlsbad CA sign.  This makes it very difficult to get a boom truck in, to use ladders or scaffolding. It presents some serious access problems. The location is about 18 feet above the ground, but closer to 30 feet above the basement entry just below the sign. Added to this the layout is not conducive to access. At Signs for San Diego we addressed this from the side with a boom extending out from a very small area off the street allowing us access. We could reach the location on the building without the risk of ladders, but it still required some major manipulation.Halo Lit Channel Letters Carlsbad CA

The building construction details offered challenges as well. The building has a flat roof, close to a drop ceiling. The space between the roof and ceiling is where we had to put the wiring. This area was not easy to access or penetrate. There was a steel beam and an inner (and outer) wall making it far from straight forward. All the wiring from the letters on the top row needed to be shifted down, and all the letters from the bottom row shifted up. This had to be done in a narrow space. We “fished” wire through small access holes and routing that wire into a power box to make it happen. Difficult and time consuming, we managed to do this in a neat and tightly bundle that will last for many years and serve well

We at Signs for San Diego we are pleased with the results. The installation was a challenge, we worked around spacing, distance and assess issues to get to a place where we could mount each letter. The wiring required us to use a difficult route – we got it done with a high level of quality and skill. We also were aware of the faith and trust this group placed in us and are honored to have been selected as the firm to do the work.Reverse Channel Letters Carlsbad CA

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