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Posted by Frank Murch | May 25, 2017 11:00:00 AM

If you’ve traveled the San Diego Streets recently you have seen it. Credit Unions, Banks, and Financial Institutions are rebranding everywhere. There is a different mood in the economy and people are spending, borrowing, investing and changing who they bank with.Wallpaper-OC-5.jpg

Is it time to get a new look and feel? Your web site has changed, the mobile app changed and your signage got stuck in 2007? It is time for a makeover.

The biggest change in the sign industry has been the switch from Neon to LEDs. These are brighter, more modern and they look new. If you are still using that old wall sign, you probably look old and used to the younger crowd – you know, the ones that are on the climb?

Text to digital. While this had been around for a while, the use of a photographic background, a digital image looks modern. Bold text over an interesting photo is today’s fashion. Are you wearing Black and everybody else is in Orange? This is not a Netflix series, it is about signage business tools that make you money

Do you have convenience tools people are not using? Sign them! Advertise your mobile app, your rates, your car buying program. If you don’t, the programs don’t get the traffic needed to make them work.

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